15+ Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Swimming Pool Design Ideas can be as simple as a place for storing the water which can be used for swimming. However, there can be much more which people can do with the swimming pool especially since not everyone can have swimming pool in their backyard. For optimizing the function and look of the swimming pool, there are some ideas of design which can be applied.

Great Features

For making sure that the swimming pool is not just common pool, there are some cool features which can be attached to the swimming pool area. To create the natural yet luxurious swimming pool area, people can attach the stone wall. The extra effect can be found by adding fireplace. It can be complement for the swimming pool which is inspired by the nature. The same stone is used not only for the fireplace but also for the swimming pool wall.


Enjoying the swimming pool is always identical with getting wet since there is a lot of water placed in the swimming pool. Nevertheless, we can make sure that people who choose to stay dry in swimming pool can also have option by building the lounge area in the middle of the swimming pool for instance. The lounge inside the swimming pool will be a unique feature which can ensure everyone enjoying the pool whether they want to stay dry or get wet.

View Advantage

Swimming pool surely is not only about the swimming activity. However, it is also about the way for making it into interesting outdoor space in the house. That is why when people are considering about Swimming Pool Design Ideas, they need to make sure that they can utilize everything which can enhance the comfort and enjoyment in the swimming pool area. In this circumstance, they need to make sure that they take the view advantage in the swimming pool. By making sure that the pool visitors can enjoy the stunning view surround the pool, they can feel the experience like in the spa.

Unique Shape

The shape of the swimming pool can be explored further and it even can be used for expressing personality of the owner. Instead of common shape of swimming pool, people can get unique look by choosing the shape which is unexpected. For example, the swimming pool which is made into guitar shape will be perfect choice for the homeowner who loves the guitars whether playing or collecting. People just need to be creative and choosing the shape which can be suitable for their liking and personal interest.


It is the time for making sure that the swimming pool cannot only be enjoyed during day time but it can also be enjoyed at night. The key point of this is by installing the right evening ambiance in the swimming pool. That is why the LED light with multicolor can be installed for enhancing the feel in the night. The whole design in the outdoor space will be affected greatly by the lighting installation for the Swimming Pool Design Ideas.

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